Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My thoughts about the movie Seraphine

I'm going to be honest and say that I'm no best artist in the world or genius of any sort or what not. I am just an average guy that goes to my average job, drives my average car, screws my average wife, and does average things all the time.

However, I think that I'm a little above average when it comes to finding and appreciating good art. For example, I just watched this movie about Seraphine, an artist that went crazy.

The whole time I kept listening to my mom and her talking about how the lady is crazy and insane. How she was so weird and what not.

I just couldn't help but be annoyed by her comments. So she did things differently from society. So she didn't do what everybody else did. She followed her own clock. Did things her own way. It was clear from the movie that she loved nature and had a special connnection with it. It's annoying how my mom was always laughing at her when she was in nature and hugging trees and all. We used to have that connection with nature but we replaced it with computers and technology. Thing is, technology and computers are EMPTY. We're the weird ones spending hours a day in front of an empty, lifeless machine. She had a real connection with nature and this is probably what helped her create such unique and captivating artwork.

I felt that I could completely relate with Seraphine. Her entire life is a work of art and is absolutely captivating. I only wish that people wouldn't have treated her the way they did. People are cruel and selfish. It is a fact of nature.

Anyhow, I was checking out my favorite art blog and they continue to update it! Awesome stuff.

Art Blogs and Blogs About Art

There are many different types of art blogs and blogs about art all over the internet. The question is, which are the best and also, how do you go about finding these sites?

When I decided I wanted to be updated on the best art and photography I figured the easiest solution would be to subscribe to the rss feed of someone that had a cool blog that updated it with very unique and interesting art work.

The thing is that there are sooo many of these sites all over the internet. Some are from hobbyists that only have a few followers and others are from people that have thousands of thousands of followers. I didn't care as long as it was good art.

Which brought me to my next point!

There are so many varieites of what the bloggers blog about. Some are about mainstream indie art, some about street art, some about older art, classical, dark, etc. The possibilities are endless like crazy!

I personally like darker but mroe atmospheric and ethereal art blogs! This is why I was so happy when I ran into sLiLT, site filled with a blog that has tons of awesome and awe inspiring photos from various very high quality artists.

In addition to this, the site even has its own art and music from artists that are a part of the site. This is what I thought was really cool. It wasn't only just showing other peoples art, but it had its own art to showcase. Very neato.